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Electric Underfloor Heating  provides primary and secondary comfort heating. These systems are typically used in homes to make certain areas such as bathrooms and kitchens more comfortable.

The appliances, which are radiant electric wires or plates, are installed close to the floor surface to provide a quick warm-up and pleasant uniform temperature to the entire room. Furthermore, electric underfloor heating is suitable to all floor types and it does not take up any usable space.

Electric Underfloor Heating offers unique advantages which are specific to its products.

Energy Efficiency

Electric Underfloor Heating is extremely efficient. 100% of the energy used by the appliances is converted into heat, thus maximizing its energy efficiency and avoiding unnecessary energy losses which typically occur during any heat producing process.

 In addition, the environmental performance of these appliances can be improved if they are coupled with solar panels or other clean energy sources. In fact, Electric Underfloor Heating appliances are particularly suited for Renewable Energy Sources, offering the possibility of clean emission-free heat generation.

Energy Savings

Electric Underfloor Heating’s properties are also notable when it comes to energy savings. The appliances are ready to guarantee fast response times in transmitting heat, allowing uniform heat distributed across the room and adaptation to peak and low energy demand periods. These features help avoiding superfluous heat production hence preventing unnecessary energy loses.

Energy performance can be easily improved by improving insulation and using the appropriated control systems.

Customer Experience

Easy-to-install: Electric Underfloor Heating appliances are suitable for all floor types and require minor finishings. They are easily installed by qualified professionals and they offer the necessary flexibility to be adapted to any room and floor type. Easy-to-maintain: Appliances are virtually maintenance free and they secure an excellent life-cycle performance.


Electric Underfloor Heating is to play an integral role in the deployment of solutions to the present and future energy challenges. Innovation remains the centerpiece when addressing those challenges. Electric Underfloor Heating will play a particular role in the following areas:

  • Passive/Zero-Energy Houses integration: in the future houses will be ever better insulated reducing the need for (central) heating system but increasing the demand for confort.
  • Smart Grids: Electric Underfloor Heating can help making grids smarter when combined with modern controls, thus facilitating the development of renewable energy generation.

Those unique features help electric underfloor heating systems adapt to current and future energy as well as environmental challenges. Its systems’ high performance and flexibility provide them with the necessary features to become an integral part of the Smart Grids and to boost the use of Renewable Energy Sources.