Industry association position on PEF revision

Get the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) for electricity right – at 2.0 and with a regular review

In view of the trialogue discussions on the review of the PEF, EUHA co-signed a letter with other industry partners on the importance of getting the Primary Energy Factor (PEF) in the energy efficiency directive right. We advocate for:

  • Deciding on  a PEF of 2.0 for 2020 (when the directive will be implemented nationally), as supported by the Fraunhofer Institutes’s scientific methodology, prepared for the Commission: a higher PEF incentivises electricity savings over direct fossil savings, acting as a barrier for the decarbonisation of the heating sector.
  • Setting a regular review of the PEF in order to reflect changes in the reality of the energy mix: by 2030 the EU RES share in power generation is projected to be at least 49%. The accelerated greening of the electricity mix justifies a frequent review of the value based on the aforementioned methodology.

2018 Industry association position on PEF revision February 2018_FINAL