Joint Position Paper on the Review of the PEF

The signing organizations of this joint statement support the European Commission’s initiative to review the PEF value based on a standardized calculation method.

In this context, we suggest to the Commission to consider the importance of the guiding function of the PEF in decarbonizing the energy system. A lower primary energy factor will accelerate the efficient electrification of the heating and cooling sector and enable a deeper integration of the electricity and heating and cooling markets. While it supports the EU climate and energy targets, it will also:

  • provide a more rapid decarbonisation of the heating & cooling sector and avoid lock-in of fossil fuel investments for decades;
  • facilitate deeper integration of electrical renewables through more flexible heat demand;
  • improve EU security of supply through replacing fossil imports with indigenous renewables;
  • empower consumers, to become active participants in the electricity markets, giving them the ability to reduce or shift electricity loads.

Key considerations to be taken into account by the European Commission:

  1. Review PEF on a regular basis and provide flexibility to Member States.
  2. The PEF revision needs to support the 2050 decarbonization targets set by the
    European Commission and recognize the rapidly increasing share of renewable energy in the power system.
  3. The calculation value of the PEF should include the non-RES primary energy approach.
  4. The current difference between the PEF for fossil fuels of 1.1 and for non-combustible renewables of 1 is inconsistent with the decarbonization strategy.
  5. The PEF revision should focus on consumers as in the Energy Union Strategy.
  6. Rapid revision of PEF values in eco-design and labelling product regulation.

The signing organizations

  • AIE European Association of Electrical Contracting Companies
  • ECI European Copper Institute
  • EHPA European Heat Pump Association
  • EUEW European Union of Electrical Wholesalers
  • EUHA Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance
  • EURELECTRIC Association of the electricity industry in Europe
  • NHO Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
  • SOLARPOWER Solar Power Europe

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