EUHA – Review Of The Energy Efficiency Directive (EDD

Letter from stakeholders concerned with PEF review in the EED revision

The EU needs a primary energy factor that supports the objectives of the Energy Union

We are a group of companies and associations that are committed to EUs goal of decarbonising the European energy system, while increasing energy security; and see increased integration between sectors (heating, cooling, transport and electricity) as a cost-efficient tool to achieve this. We are in this context concerned that the European Commission’s (EC) review of the primary energy factor1 (PEF) for electricity constitutes a barrier to these objectives.

To not be a barrier to decarbonisation, the outdated PEF must be updated wherever it is currently used (for example: Ecodesign and Energy labelling legislation use a PEF of 2.5, which reflects the power system of the nineties). In order to reflect the changes in the power mix, the PEF should therefore be reviewed on a regular basis.

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