Electric underfloor heating industry unites to promote the role of comfort heating as part of Europe’s sustainable energy future

Brussels, 28 February 2013: Comfort appliances such as electric underfloor heating systems have a key role to play in Europe’s sustainable energy future, yet they remain under constant threat of regulators, who believe electricity is only beneficial when used in other sectors such as transport. The Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance (EUHA) was set up to showcase the sustainability of electric comfort heating.

Today the EUHA officially announced its launch with the opening of its website. Jacob Madsen, EUHA chairman and VP of Danfoss said “Europe cannot ignore the role of electricity in the future of energy supply. While other solutions may be challenged by this transition, electric heating, thanks to it characteristics and flexibility, is clearly to remain a great part of the solution to Europe’s energy and environmental challenges.”

Electric underfloor heating systems are used across Europe to render high levels of heating and comfort. While typically used in small areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, they are also often used to provide central heating in many parts of the EU.
Those appliances offer a perfect fit for the switch towards renewables and the further expansion of green electricity. Moreover, they offer the necessary complementary comfort heating in the low energy building of the future.
EUHA is committed to using its expertise to highlight the role of electric heating in securing a sustainable energy future for Europe. In 2013, EUHA’s priority focus will be on Eco-design Directive, notably LOT 20, on which the European Commission is about to issue its implementing proposal. EUHA has been working with all parties involved in this process and continues to do so to ensure the future rules are effective in terms of market transformation and confer the best practice solutions to the current as well as future challenges.