The Electric Underfloor Heating Alliance – EUHA – unites manufacturers to promote the interests of the product sector within a new electrified smart grid infrastructure. The group promotes the adoption of higher efficiency electric underfloor heating systems, providing primary but mainly secondary comfort heating in low energy demand buildings.

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Smart and efficient buildings in Europe

EUHA promotes the development of NZEB in Europe and for an increased use of renewables to reduce emissions. Electric Underfloor Heating can help making grids smarter when combined with modern controls, thus facilitating the development of renewable energy generation.

Energy efficiency First

EUHA supports the EU Energy Efficiency Directive’s targets as 100% of the energy used by the Electric Underfloor Heating appliances is converted into heat, thus maximizing its energy efficiency and avoiding unnecessary energy losses.

The Future is green and clean

The environmental performance of Electric Underfloor Heating appliances can be improved if they are coupled with solar panels or other clean energy sources. In fact, those appliances are particularly suited for Renewable Energy Sources, offering the possibility of clean emission-free heat generation.

More than heating, comfort for consumers

EUHA welcomed the European Commission’s Heating and Cooling Strategy. Electric heating represents one of the best performing solution thanks to its flexibility and responsiveness and it also provides primary but mainly secondary comfort heating